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2013 Citizen's Guide and Performance Dashboard and Certification of Title VI can be found under the tab called - Resources and Downloads.


 Yard Waste Pick-Up will start on

Friday, April 4, 2014


Please use caution when attempting to conduct a recreational burn in your fire pit or when attempting get rid of tree limbs and brush accumulated over the winter. This winter was very hard on bringing down extra tree limbs and the amount of snow we were given created more dead grasses. This combination has created extra concern for the fire department. Please use extreme caution and common sense when burning in your fire pits. Follow the instruction given on the back of the permits you were issued. If you are attempting to burn larger piles of brush, use caution for the wind conditions, the dryness of the area around your burn site and have a hose and phone with you in attendance in the event the fire gets away from you. If this happens please call 911 immediately, time is of the essence.

If you have any questions please call my cell phone for help or suggestions at 810-523-6075. Thank you in advance for your help in keeping the community, your house and especially you a little safer while burning any approved materials at your home.


Chief Brian Will 

 Here is the video "Come Paddle With Us"  from the Flotilla on August 10th and what was submitted to the MML.  Enjoy!

Please see the below warning from the Michigan Better Business Bureau in reference to home alarm sale scams and Scams in reference to Government Grant Confusion:


Sep. 3, 2013 - The Better Business Bureau Serving Eastern Michigan (BBB) is warning the public about an increase in reports of aggressive door-to-door salespersons offering free alarm systems to local home owners. During unscheduled home sales calls, salespersons are reported to be pressuring consumers into signing contracts that offer a free alarm system and free installation but charge monthly monitoring fees that are automatically deducted from the owner’s bank account. 

According to complainants, the salespersons are often misleading about contract details and consumers end up in contracts with auto-renewal and automatic bank account deduction clauses that keep them paying well after the service term and even after the consumer has moved. Consumers are also reporting significant difficulty canceling their contracts, even when they specifically follow the cancelation procedures in their contract, and contacting alarm company customer service departments regarding billing issues.


As with any door-to-door sales calls, the BBB advises consumers to not purchase anything on a whim without taking time to read contracts, do research on a company and comparison shop, especially when giving personal information such as bank account numbers. If you decide to purchase an in-home alarm system, consumers should check with the Better Business Bureau for an Online Business Review (http://detroit.bbb.org/Find-Business-Reviews/) on the company; ask friends and neighbors for references and always comparison shop. 

Additionally, the Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) is warning consumers of new scams that have been taking place due to confusion over changes that are being ushered in by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

 Residents are advised not to give out their personal information to an unsolicited caller.  Government agencies and legitimate organizations that residents do business with will have that information already, and will only ask for it if the call originates from the resident. 

 Other tips to avoid scams: 

·         No government employee sells insurance over the phone, door-to-door or by email.  Health plans and insurance licenses can be verified by calling DIFS at (877) 999-6442 or on the DIFS website at www.michigan.gov/difs.

·         Don’t give out personal information to anyone who requests your bank account or routing number.  There are no new cards with the ACA and you will not need a new Medicaid card. 

Any residents that have a question about a solicitor or company or who believes they may be victim of a fraud/scam are encouraged to contact the Linden Police Department at 810-735-5454. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Scott D. Sutter

                                                             Chief of Police

In recent years Law Enforcement has seen a rise in identity theft.  We have read and seen in the media the effects of what identity theft can do to individuals and their families. 
It is up to all of us to be identity smart and make sure we keep this crime from spreading.
The following link is a guide as how to protect consumers from identity theft,
If you have been a victim of identity theft or believe you are a victim of identity theft please contact your local police department. 
Scott D. Sutter
Chief of Police
Linden Police Department

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Paperless Utility Bills

In a continuing effort to become increasingly efficient and fiscally responsible, the City of Linden will be offering paperless utility bills beginning April 1, 2011. CLICK HERE for the form to sign up for paperless utility bills.

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