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APM (Advanced Pest Management) sprays the City of Linden weekly on Wednesday, weather permitting. They can NOT spray if the winds are over 10 mph, temperatures below 55 degrees and raining.

If you have any questions give them a call at 877-276-4714


2013 Citizen's Guide and Performance Dashboard and Certification of Title VI can be found under the tab called - Resources and Downloads. 

August 25, 2014


 To All Saddlebrook Farms Residents:



The Linden City Council will be hosting an informational forum for all residents of Saddlebrook Farms to review construction plans, the time schedule, and rerouting of traffic, mail delivery, etc. with the City Engineers and Staff. This is your opportunity to bring questions and point out any special circumstances regarding construction on or near your property.    The meeting will be held:



AT 7:00 PM





If you are unable to attend and have questions, please feel free to contact us at City Hall at (810)735-7980.




 Paul Zelenak, City Manager





Genesee County 911 has purchased a mass notification system, CODERED, to notify the community during an emergency or disaster. This system will be used by public safety agencies across Genesee County to notify affected residents of a current emergency situation.

Everyone is encouraged to go to www.geneseecounty911.org to sign up! If you work within Genesee County and live outside the county, you can still sign up to receive information regarding your place of work. There are a number of ways to get information based on what tools you have access to.

If you have a smart phone, you an download the CodeRed App for free www.ecnetwork.com/mobile/getitnow.html which will give you a number of notification options (types of severe weather, esc)


 Click Here for the 2013 Water Quality Report











Please use caution when attempting to conduct a recreational burn in your fire pit or when attempting get rid of tree limbs and brush accumulated over the winter. This winter was very hard on bringing down extra tree limbs and the amount of snow we were given created more dead grasses. This combination has created extra concern for the fire department. Please use extreme caution and common sense when burning in your fire pits. Follow the instruction given on the back of the permits you were issued. If you are attempting to burn larger piles of brush, use caution for the wind conditions, the dryness of the area around your burn site and have a hose and phone with you in attendance in the event the fire gets away from you. If this happens please call 911 immediately, time is of the essence.

If you have any questions please call my cell phone for help or suggestions at 810-523-6075. Thank you in advance for your help in keeping the community, your house and especially you a little safer while burning any approved materials at your home.


Chief Brian Will 

 Here is the video "Come Paddle With Us"  from the Flotilla on August 10th and what was submitted to the MML.  Enjoy!








Saddlebrook Farms Streets Improvements Project




            The City Council of the City of Linden has previously determined to construct the following public improvements in the City of Linden:


Saddlebrook Farms Streets Improvements Project


Removal, milling and replacement of asphalt pavement; removal and replacement of select concrete curb and gutter; removal and replacement of sidewalk ramps; and construction of storm sewer improvements (and other appurtenances) from right-of-way to right-of-way along the lengths of Haystack Drive, Rockway Drive, Saddlebrook Drive, Saddlevalley Court, Sunflower Drive and Ridgewood Drive;


and to assess the cost thereof to a revised special assessment district consisting of the following described lands:





The Saddlebrook Farms Streets Improvement Project Special Assessment District shall consist of all parcels abutting the entire lengths of Haystack Drive, Rockway Drive, Saddlebrook Drive, Saddlevalley Court, Sunflower Drive, and Ridgewood Drive.  All such parcels to be included in the Saddlebrook Farms Streets Improvement Project Special Assessment District are located in the City of Linden and have the following tax identification (sidwell) numbers:


21-651-001     21-651-026     21-651-051     21-651-076     21-651-101     21-651-126

21-651-002     21-651-027     21-651-052     21-651-077     21-651-102     21-651-127

21-651-003     21-651-028     21-651-053     21-651-078     21-651-103     21-651-128

21-651-004     21-651-029     21-651-054     21-651-079     21-651-104     21-651-129

21-651-005     21-651-030     21-651-055     21-651-080     21-651-105     21-651-130

21-651-006     21-651-031     21-651-056     21-651-081     21-651-106     21-651-131

21-651-007     21-651-032     21-651-057     21-651-082     21-651-107     21-651-132

21-651-008     21-651-033     21-651-058     21-651-083     21-651-108    

21-651-009     21-651-034     21-651-059     21-651-084     21-651-109    

21-651-010     21-651-035     21-651-060     21-651-085     21-651-110    

21-651-011     21-651-036     21-651-061     21-651-086     21-651-111    

21-651-012     21-651-037     21-651-062     21-651-087     21-651-112    

21-651-013     21-651-038     21-651-063     21-651-088     21-651-113    

21-651-014     21-651-039     21-651-064     21-651-089     21-651-114    

21-651-015     21-651-040     21-651-065     21-651-090     21-651-115    

21-651-016     21-651-041     21-651-066     21-651-091     21-651-116    

21-651-017     21-651-042     21-651-067     21-651-092     21-651-117    

21-651-018     21-651-043     21-651-068     21-651-093     21-651-118    

21-651-019     21-651-044     21-651-069     21-651-094     21-651-119    

21-651-020     21-651-045     21-651-070     21-651-095     21-651-120    

21-651-021     21-651-046     21-651-071     21-651-096     21-651-121    

21-651-022     21-651-047     21-651-072     21-651-097     21-651-122    

21-651-023     21-651-048     21-651-073     21-651-098     21-651-123    

21-651-024     21-651-049     21-651-074     21-651-099     21-651-124    


The estimated cost of the improvements, the amount to be specially assessed, the amount to be a general obligation of the City of Linden, and the special assessment district are as follows:


Estimated Cost


Amount to be assessed against lands

in the special assessment district


Amount to be a general obligation of

the City of Linden



A public hearing was held on June 23, 2014, at which time all interested persons were given the opportunity to be heard relative to the making of the improvements and to the special assessment district therefor.


A special assessment roll assessing the cost of said improvements to the aforesaid special assessment district has been prepared and filed in the office of the City Clerk.


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a public hearing will be held on Monday, July 21, 2014, in City Council Chambers, 201 North Main Street, Linden, Michigan, at 7:00 p.m., at which time any interested person will be given the opportunity to object to the revised special assessment district, the revised cost estimate, and the special assessment roll as prepared by the City Assessor. A person objecting to the special assessment roll shall file the objection in writing with the City Clerk before the close of the hearing or within such further time as the City Council may grant.


Appearance and protest of the special assessment at the hearing is required in order to appeal the amount of the special assessment to the Michigan Tax Tribunal. An owner of or party in interest in property to be assessed, or his or her agent, may appear in person to protest the special assessment, or may protest the special assessment by letter filed with the City Clerk at or, prior to the time of the hearing, in which case appearance in person is not required. If the special assessment is protested as provided above, the owner or any party having an interest in the real property may file a written appeal of the special assessment with the Michigan Tax Tribunal or other court of competent jurisdiction within 30 days after the confirmation of the special assessment roll.


If written objections to the proposed improvements have been filed by owners of property which will be required to bear more than 50% of the amount of such special assessment, the City Council may not confirm the special assessment roll except by the affirmative vote of four members of the City Council. 



The drawings, plans, specifications and revised cost estimate for the improvements are on file with the City Clerk for public inspection.



City of Linden

In recent years Law Enforcement has seen a rise in identity theft.  We have read and seen in the media the effects of what identity theft can do to individuals and their families. 
It is up to all of us to be identity smart and make sure we keep this crime from spreading.
The following link is a guide as how to protect consumers from identity theft,
If you have been a victim of identity theft or believe you are a victim of identity theft please contact your local police department. 
Scott D. Sutter
Chief of Police
Linden Police Department

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Paperless Utility Bills

In a continuing effort to become increasingly efficient and fiscally responsible, the City of Linden will be offering paperless utility bills beginning April 1, 2011. CLICK HERE for the form to sign up for paperless utility bills.

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