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Downtown Development Authority

Downtown Development Authority

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Recognizing the need to strengthen and facilitate public and private investments within Downtown Linden, the Downtown Development District and Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was formed in 2008. This nine member DDA oversees the promotional activities and public improvements within the District. Additionally, this Board developed the Downtown Development Plan and oversees the budget for tax increment financing within the District. DDA members are appointed by City Council and meet on the 4th Thursday of every month, at 8:30 a.m., in Council Chambers on the lower level of the Mill Building at 201 N. Main Street, Linden, Michigan, 48451.

Linden’s downtown is situated in southwestern Genesee County, and is approximately 22 miles southwest of the City of Flint. Linden is a 2.4 square mile municipality with a population of about 4,000 residents. Included among Linden’s many desirable characteristics are its small town charm, our historic business district, stable residential neighborhoods, close proximity to major transportation corridors, and an ideal location along the Shiawassee River. Downtown Linden provides a range of commerce, dining, recreation, and living, as well as many civic and employment opportunities. Downtown is a place where people congregate and is a conduit for social interactions. Downtown Linden truly reflects the personal nature and overall spirit of a small-town community.

The Linden Advantage

  • The City of Linden is a great place for your new business or project, as demonstrated by the following demographic and market statistics.
  • The City’s population grew by nearly 40 percent in the last decade – the 5th fastest growth rate of all cities and villages in Michigan.
  • The population of Linden’s Primary Retail Trade Area (approx. 131 square miles) is projected to increase through 2016 and include almost 50,000 area residents.
  • The median household income in the Primary Retail Trade Area is expected to increase by more than 20 percent between 2010 and 2016.
  • The total estimated demand for retail products in Linden’s Primary Retail Trade Area is approximately $540 million per year, compared to a current estimated supply of $360 million per year. This leaves a retail gap of more than $180 million.

Another key advantage is the City’s public parking program for Downtown. Presently, the City owns and maintains approximately 190 off-street parking spaces for public use (free of charge) within Downtown. These spaces are in addition to available on-street parking (also free of charge). As a result, new projects in Downtown are not required to provide their own off-street parking spaces.

Whether you are an entrepreneur starting your first business, an existing business considering expanding, or a developer looking to build within the City, Linden wants to be a partner toward your success. Our City’s staff is committed to your success and is ready to help you through the process, while continuing to ensure the safety and prosperity of our other residents, business owners and visitors.

As with any well laid plans, preparation and time for due diligence is the key to a smooth project. For your reference, the City has prepared a Development Review Process Flow Chart which outlines the various steps in the City’s development review and permitting process. As you will see, the first step in the process is for you to schedule an initial consultation with the City Manager and/or City Planner to discuss your project.

Reopening Resources For Our Businesses

The Fenton + Linden Safe, Strong, Supportive Campaign - “This campaign is designed to highlight and promote the businesses in our communities who are standing together to keep customers, staff and visitors safe.”

ALL Linden businesses are encouraged to take the Community Safe Pledge, regardless if you are a Chamber Member or not! By pledging, your business will receive a kit for reopening! Take the initiative to prevent the spread of COVID-19! Keep employees, residents & visitors healthy & safe.

Make a difference by pledging today. Simply click HERE!

What your pledge means - “This pledge is designed to show unity between our local businesses to instill confidence with customers, employees and patrons as you look to reopen your business.”

After pledging, you will see a link to download a printable poster to display in your storefront entry, to show that you are united with other Community Safe Pledge Members.

Visit www.fentonlinden.com to learn more about the Community Safe Pledge Program. View informational resources, share positive experiences & track other local businesses that have made the Pledge!

Sign Up for the Linden DDA - Strong Business Bulletin! Click HERE to subscribe and stay up to date on our community's happenings, as well as for additional resources!

Commercial Properties For Sale or Lease in Downtown Linden: 

DDA Board Members:

Jeanine Sapelak Chairperson
Heather MacDermaid City Council Representative
Bryan Mulanix Member & Business Liason Officer
Paula Flannery Member
Kit Maloney Member
Tate Marisa Member
Michelle Robins Member
Karen Stroud Member
Marta Wright Member

Downtown Development Authority Agenda Packet for: Thursday, July 22, 2021



DDA Contact: City Manager, Ellen Glass - 810-735-7980 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.s

Linden's Farmer's Market

DDA Action Plan


Development Review Process Flow Chart


DDA 6-month A-Frame Sign Rental Application

DDA Parking Study

Facade Improvement Program

DDA Agendas

DDA Minutes

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